Senior Database Administrator

  • China (Remote)

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Job Responsibilities:

  • It is responsible for building a database disaster recovery or active-active environment in the dual-availability zones of two regions and three centers, and ensuring that the reliability of the database system reaches 99.9%.
  • Responsible for ensuring the availability and security of data can take effective preventive measures, and can build homogeneous and heterogeneous backup and recovery (1 minute level or even second level).
  • Responsible for deploying and maintaining database and core middleware cluster environments. Responsible for maintaining the database and core middleware fault handling.
  • Responsible for maintaining the database, core middleware SQL statement optimization, and various performance optimizations.
  • Establish O&M specifications for databases and core middleware, and build CD tools and processes.
  • User data security audit specifications and standards are formulated to meet financial level compliance requirements.
  • Can give reasonable database design guidance and evaluation in the software design stage.
  • Responsible for promoting the improvement of database and core middleware monitoring and alarming, as well as monitoring alarm response processing closed loop.
  • Establish a suitable inspection system, which can achieve short-term manual inspection, long-term automatic inspection, and build automatic trend problem awareness inspection capabilities.
  • Building database-level SLA/SLO/SLI can quantify the output of DB team work and guidance for management work, and improve the stability of business systems.
  • Prepare DB-related documents and regularly share technical achievements with all employees.

Job requirements:

  • Full-time bachelor degree or above, major in computer, communication and other IT related majors.
  • More than five years of practical experience, with independent experiment and research spirit. Have experience in the growth of small, medium and large data volumes, and have more than 3 years of experience in maintaining the production environment of medium and large Internet/financial enterprises.
  • Native spoken in English and Mandarin
  • Proficient in Xenon MySQL, Redis, OceanBase, ClickHouse, PgSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch cluster, master-slave, distributed architecture operating principle, architecture design, data structure design.
  • Familiar with MySQL and Redis master-slave replication, read/write separation, database shading and table design, and familiar with the differences and characteristics of various branches of MySQL such as MariaDB.
  • Familiar with various database selection and comparison methods, benchmark stress testing, Troubleshooting, Performance Tuning.
  • Familiar with the principles of CentOS/Debian mainstream Linux operating system, familiar with Linux shell, master the performance tuning analysis and troubleshooting of the database running on this environment.
  • Familiar with the mainstream storage type interface and RAID level, so that the performance of different types of databases is rationalized.
  • Have used at least one programming language Python/Golang/Java/C, and have the best network programming.
  • Cooperate with the relevant work of business projects, and refuse to build cars behind closed doors for technology.
  • Be able to understand the cutting-edge technologies of SQL and NoSQL and apply them to business systems.


  • Priority is given to routine maintenance of TBPB levels with high concurrency and massive data.
  • Experience in large-scale Internet industry is preferred.
  • Prioritize understanding MySQL source code.

Job Highlights:

  • Design, development and optimization of various financial business systems.
  • Design highly scalable systems and use technology to realize the complexity and diversity of business requirements.
  • Experience the improvement of middleware by large fintech companies to improve technical vision.

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