DevOps Engineer

  • Kuala Lumpur | Singapore | Dubai | Hong Kong | Pakistan | Iran

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Job Responsibilities:

  • Testing: Responsible for the system quality control and conduct the acceptance test before deployment.
  • Establishment: Perform the maintenance and optimization of the entire system, responsible for the launching and deployment of systems such as back-end system deployment, environmental configuration, and client APP.
  • Operation: Responsible for the digital operation of the entire company’s system and cooperate with the different departments such as marketing and sales for data cleaning and analysis etc.
  • Error: Monitor business scenarios such as collecting, sorting, locating, as well as analyzing the system error and proceed with troubleshooting.

Job Requirements:

  • Familiar with software development process including software testing theory, test design and test execution.
  • Familiar with TCP/IP and HTTP protocols and to be able to troubleshoot on network errors and optimize network quality.
  • Skilled in using SQL\DSL language to operate the data storage systems such as Elasticsearch, MySQL, MongoDB, etc.
  • Experienced in Web system operation and maintenance, such as Nginx, HAProxy, Redis, Keepalived, etc.
  • Experienced in Docker operation and maintenance, such as Kubernetes, Rancher, Apache Mesos, etc.
  • Experience in self-built monitoring services, such as Zabbix, Prometheus, etc.
  • Understand on basic syntax such as Python and Java and be able to use scripting language to assist in operation, maintenance and testing.
  • Familiar with the products and operations of cloud platforms.

Added Advantage

  • Experienced in assisting regional remote project assistance will be an added advantage.
  • Technical working experience in relevant industries such as Securities, Futures or blockchain industry will be highly preferred.

Interested in joining our team and explore your talents in different parts of the world? Worry not, a work visa will be provided by Doo Prime too, if applicable.

Please send in your resume, and personal as well as professional certificates, along with your job application to our HR mailbox: [email protected]

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