Nail Your Job Interview: DOOers Share Insightful Interview Tips With University Students

When it comes to launching a successful career, there’s no denying the importance of acing the art of interviews. The ability to articulate your skills, demonstrate your potential and make a lasting impression on potential employers can make a big difference. Especially for university students or new graduates, interview skills are at the top of their skill list that needs to be mastered before they can apply any skill on their jobs.  

On 12th June, our talented DOOers Jasper Tan and Nicole Chin, from the HR department in Malaysia office, participated in a Career Preparation Workshop Series hosted at the INTI International University, Nilai Campus, Malaysia, focusing on the topic of interview skills and techniques. 

The workshop was a dynamic and engaging experience, bringing together our seasoned HR DOOers and young INTI talents who are full of ambition. With a shared passion for nurturing aspiring professionals, our DOOers Jasper and Nicole were eager to share their industrial knowledge and expertise. 

Mastering The Art Of Interviews  

Understanding that interviews always include challenging questions, Jasper and Nicole prepared a series of frequently asked questions in an interview. To let students engage better in the workshop, Jasper and Nicole set up an interactive session by encouraging them to answer those interview questions.  

It was also to boost students’ confidence as some of them may not have had many opportunities to participate in formal interviews, which may contribute to nervousness. The interactive session provides a supportive environment for them to practice their skills to better perform in their future job interviews. Throughout the session, Jasper and Nicole also guided students on how to navigate those questions with finesse and grace. Students who participated in the sessions were given a goody bag as an appreciation for their efforts.  

Furthermore, the workshop featured the interview dos and don’ts. Let’ take a look at these useful tips on how to ace your performance in your job interview: 

Interviewing Dos 

  • Develop substantial understanding about the company 
  • Master the competency-based interview questions 
  • Answering questions with STAR method 
  • Ask SMART questions 

Interviewing Don’ts 

  • Don’t be late 
  • Don’t be negative about previous employment/internship 
  • Don’t read off your screen/memorize the notes 

The workshop received enthusiastic responses from the students. As a company that’s always looking for fresh talents, we’re happy to share the techniques and insights with all the go-getters! Remember, interviews are not just hurdles to overcome but a platform for you to show your unique self. Stay focused! Keep honing your skills and approach your interviews with confidence and authenticity, and with a bit of luck, we’ll see you soon.  

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