Doo Group Elevates Employees’  Leadership And Professional Skills With Leadership Retreat 

Doo Group has facilitated a leadership retreat for our leaders and management team , which took place from 5 to 6 March 2024, at Avillion Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.  

This leadership retreat was aimed at enhancing the leadership and professional skills of our energetic leaders. This will help them to spearhead their respective teams and departments with better leadership and management skills, moving towards a scintillating future for our organization. Joining this two-day, one-night retreat was also our Group CEO, Windson Chan, and together they embarked on various engaging activities. 

He has shared his intention for holding this event, quoting, “(This event is) to let our middle management to know more about each other and work closely to deliver much better services for our customers.” 

Discovering the Inner Leader with Diverse Activities 

The event kicked off with a self-discovery session, whereby the participants learned about the importance of self-awareness and the various dimensions of leadership and talent.  

Furthermore, participants completed the Workplace Big Five Profile Assessment to understand their leading styles and identify strengths, tendencies, and limitations. The results were provided post-event to enhance their understanding of their unique personalities. 

A sharing and discussion session was also facilitated, where the participants reflected on their personality trait profile. They have shared their thoughts and feedback on the topic with their peers as well.   

Extending the excitement from Day 1, the second day of the leadership retreat was filled with talks and discussions. The participants dove deep into the fundamentals of leadership and growth during the sessions. Insights were shared, and participants had a great time sharing and bonding with each other. 

This event has gained positive feedback from our leaders within the organization.  

Content Marketing Team Lead, Wei Tan, stated, “I learned a lot about myself. I learned a lot about my positive traits and things I can work on, and I can use these skills to improve the team and work towards the company goals.” 

Meanwhile, Compliance Department Team Lead, JH Low, shared that this is a unique experience for him and that it is a great opportunity for him to reflect on himself through the personality test. “This provided an opportunity for me to understand how the team leaders work in our company. From the personality report that we see, it is a good reflection of ourselves, and we can understand a bit more about ourselves.” 

ESG Principle Fulfilled Through Employees’ Development Program 

Doo Group has always adhered to the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, and we value our people within the organization. We ensure that our DOOers’ wellbeing and development are our top priorities. 

Training and employee development are two of the many elements that fall under the broad category of “Social” components in the ESG principle. Training and development may boost morale and job satisfaction, while increasing productivity. This professional competency training is one of the examples that demonstrates Doo Group’s dedication to providing skill enhancement opportunities to our DOOers, allowing them to work more efficiently, and grow further in their careers. 

Besides that, Doo Group also offers additional skills development beyond their job scope, and regular sales and product training to enhance their work and personal growth.  

Additionally, the organization has implemented a transparent promotion mechanism. It involves the assessments from both the leader and the employee, fostering open discussions with each other. Support and training opportunities are also provided to the new spearheaders to ensure a smooth transition into their new role. 

Beyond that, as a multinational business group, we have also furnished diverse benefit policies to our employees, catering to each country’s culture. An example of this is the early release policy for festive occasions like Christmas and Lunar New Year. 

Doo Group’s commitment to ESG principles demonstrates our dedication to creating a comfortable, inclusive, and positive work environment, thereby enhancing organizational performance. 

Creating an Open and Active Environment to Foster Doo Group’s Long-Term Growth and Development 

Doo Group will remain committed to enhancing our ESG initiatives within our organization, ensuring our DOOers’ wellbeing is protected. We will continue facilitating an open, vibrant, and active working environment to provide more opportunities for self-development, to foster the long-term growth of our companies. Together, we will grow as a team, and move towards a brilliant future! 

Stay updated on our company news and how we dedicate ourselves to developing an active and open company culture, for the long-term growth of our organization. Follow our official website and social media pages @DooGroup (in Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) to interact with us.