Mooncake, The Classic Traditional Delicacy Gift For Esteem DOOers!

Who doesn’t like receiving treats or gifts? Treats or gifts gifting is a gesture of appreciation to a person whether it is for their contributions, hard work or just simply for their kindness and perseverance in everything they do.

Doo Group always practices the gesture of gift-giving to our clients and employees as this would motivate and drive them to be the best of themselves.

We display appreciation to each and everyone who has been and are still supporting the institution, near or far.

By that, we share the joy by giving a Mooncake Gift Set to our employees throughout our global offices. Mooncake is considered the symbol of family reunion and represents the round harvest moon.

All smiles for the mouthwatering delicacy
Thus, on Mid-Autumn Festival, DOOers were gifted with freshly made sweet treats of mooncake, delivered at their doorsteps!

DOOers received a box of mooncakes of flavours to their liking, a red packet and greeting cards from Doo Group.

All smiles for the greeting cards and mooncakes from Doo Group that they can enjoy and share with their loved ones.

They took photos and selfies with their gift set to have a memory to look at.

Doo Group Is Grateful For Everyone Onboard
We are grateful to have our DOOers onboard. Without them, we can’t achieve what we have today and as we always say, DOOers are our family.

We will continue this “sharing is caring” tradition and create more memorable memories in 2022, the Year of Tiger.

It is Doo Group’s hope that each and every of our esteemed colleagues are filled with all the best things, just like the roundest moon on Mid-Autumn Day!

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