Mobile Photography Workshops: A Photo Adventure For DOOers 

Do you know the one trait that DOOers have? It is the desire to grow and the enthusiasm to learn new things. At Doo, learning something new is always fun and thrilling. A lineup of exciting workshops and training sessions have been provided to ensure that DOOers are having fun while developing new skills! 

Throughout the month of March, our video production team hosted a series of mobile photography workshops in our Malaysia office to bring all shutterbugs together.  

The famous photographer Chase Jarvis once said, “the best camera is the one you have with you” – and in these modern times, that would be our smartphone, as it is always with us. Mobile photography has seen a significant rise in popularity in recent years thanks to its convenience and shareability. From candid snapshots to TikTok videos, everything can be taken and shared within moments. To help DOOers capture the beauty of their everyday moments, our video production team decided to share some tips for mobile photography.  

The workshops included theories and practices of photography techniques, such as focus point, angle and lighting. With a clear and dynamic presentation style, our speaker delivered useful insights and tutorials, making the workshops an enjoyable experience for every DOOers in the audience.  

Practice Makes Perfect  

Hands-on experience is an important part of the learning puzzle. Therefore, our video production team has equipped DOOers with props to practice their skills within office premises subsequent to theory sharing. 

In addition to indoor photography, an outdoor photoshoot training session has also been organized at Kuala Lumpur city centre to provide DOOers with a more conducive setting for honing their skills. Our Video Production Team Lead, Rex Liew, notes, “Shooting outdoors offers access to a vast range of subjects and possibilities, allowing photographers to be more creative with their shots.”  

From lively streets to heritage buildings, our DOOers explored and captured the scenic spots and hidden gems around the city. The session presented not only a great opportunity to spark DOOers’ creativity but also served as a remarkable chance for team bonding.  

We’re heartened to see our DOOers get immense pleasure and knowledge throughout the workshops. The workshops are one of the many ways we hope to enable our DOOers to showcase their unique talents, interests and strengths outside the typical work context. We have a lineup of engaging events and activities to further enhance DOOers’ life at Doo. Stay tuned! 

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