Doo Group’s Epic Company Trip: Unforgettable Moments And A Vibrant Company Culture

DOOers have always been the driving force behind the success of Doo Group and its brands, and to say that the past six months were a blast is an understatement. With grand milestones, exciting events, professional development opportunities and great teamwork, DOOers have been growing through a fulfilling work life.  

To honor DOOers exceptional dedication and celebrate their passion for excellence, we embarked on a 4 days 3 nights company trip. The trip was designed to reward team members’ hard work, foster a strong sense of appreciation and belonging within the organization, as well as welcome a fresh start of the latter half of the year. 

On the first day of July 2023, DOOers from all around the world – including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cyprus, Thailand and Vietnam – gathered in the “Pearl of the Orient”, Penang, Malaysia! Abundant sunshine and beautiful beaches, Penang welcomed DOOers with its sunny weather. Just like the tropical climate of the vibrant destination, DOOers’ anticipation has been heating up throughout the journey.  

It was an exhilarating trip that not only provided cherished memories but also showcased the dynamic culture of Doo! Join us as we recap the highlights of our journey and delve into the essence of our vibrant company culture. 

Embracing The Spirit Of Adventure 

Our company trip was an immersive experience designed to ignite the spirit of adventure within each participant. From the moment we set off, the energy was palpable as we embarked on thrilling activities in the third top-rated theme park in Asia, ESCAPE Penang! All participating DOOers were divided into six teams, and each team navigated the theme park’s attractions and engaged in a series of collaborative activities tailored to enhance teamwork and communication. 

From tubby racer to zip coaster; banana flips to the world’s longest waterslide, the dynamic adventure park is a heaven for thrill-seekers, pushing DOOers’ boundaries and encouraging everyone to embrace challenges together as a team! Through the activities, each team earned gold coins which contributed to their results for the indoor team building the next day. 

DOOnopoly: Nurturing Teamwork And Connection 

After a full day of thrilling expeditions in the theme park, all DOOers were then ushered to a fun indoor team building game the following day, which was named “DOOnopoly”! It was a game that required strategic thinking and entrepreneurial mindset as each team would be using the gold coins earned from the theme park games to make virtual investments and seize opportunities for profit and growth. 

By participating in “DOOnopoly”, DOOers were able to work as a team and strengthen bonds between one another – we hope each and every DOOer not only had fun, but felt included and engaged in this big, global family! And of course, we’ve presented awards to top-performing winners and all the participants to recognise their energy and passion!  

Shared Laughter And Celebration 

Following a two-day battle of wits, it was time for a party! This year, we had an Oscars-themed gala dinner dubbed as “The DOOSCARS: A Night of Stars” in a luxury hotel. It was a night of glitz and glamour, where every DOOer showcased their fashion-forward outfits inspired by the dazzling looks of Hollywood stars. The level of effort and creativity put into their outfits was truly commendable. To recognize these exceptional fashion statements, we presented the highly coveted Best-Dressed Awards. The winners, both male and female, stood out among the crowd, exuding confidence and sophistication with their impeccable style. 

In addition to the enchanting ambiance and delightful cuisine, the night was abuzz with excitement as some DOOers took the stage for live performances. The crowd sang and cheered on in sync with the stunning shows. 

Next on the agenda was the presentation of the long service awards at the dinner to DOOers who have been journeying with us for more than three years. The awards go beyond recognizing the years of service; they symbolize the enduring bonds formed within our company and the value we place on the contributions of our long-standing team members!  

Last but not least, we had an exciting lucky draw session that added an extra layer of anticipation to the night. DOOers’ hearts raced with each draw, and the room erupted in applause and cheers when lucky DOOers stepped forward to claim their coveted prizes. From Swatch watches to Nespresso coffee machine; Xiaomi 58-Inch Mi TV to iPhone 14 Pro Max, the prizes were a testament to our appreciation for DOOers’ unwavering commitment to great achievements.

Embrace Growth And Make A Difference 

The trip was filled with fun, laughter and unforgettable memories. It exemplified the vibrant company culture and brand we are proud to be a part of. If you are an individual who is seeking a dynamic and inclusive work environment, come and join the Doo family and shape the future together! Let’s create lasting memories that will redefine what success means to you. With us, the possibilities are limitless, and the adventure awaits.  

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