DOOers Back To The Office Worry-Free!

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely put a pause on everything, this includes in-person working.

With the lifting of lockdowns, and vaccine and booster roll-out successes, the economy is back to normal with more employees being allowed to return to their respective office, gradually.

This, of course, with more safety measures need to be taken seriously to ensure the safety of everyone on the premise.

In this article, we would like to share with you what we have been applying so far since Doo Group’s offices worldwide open its door to its employees.

Employers must follow official safety guidance and carry out Covid risk assessments for those staff who are in the office.

Hence, Doo Group has prepared office and work-from-home roster for its staff to minimize the number of people and COVID-19 infections in the office.

Of course, some would still prefer working from home despite the vaccination roll-out.

It is a rotational basis schedule for the DOOers with 50% of them required to be in the office.

Safety measures at Doo Group include:

  • COVID-19 test kit will be given to every employee who returns to the office for the first time.
  • Face masks remain mandatory for staff.
  • Care pack that includes hand sanitizer, face shield, Vitamin C tablets, and delicious healthy snacks are also provided to DOOers.
  • Automated hand sanitizer devices at every corner of the office.
  • Hot desk area has been set up and labelled with an “X” to fulfil the SOP of maintaining a social distancing of 1-meter.
  • Regular clean-up at all areas including desks, pantry, glass doors and toilet by the dedicated cleaner.

The world of work has changed drastically due to the pandemic, here at Doo Group, we will continue practising the safety measures to ensure everyone is safe, at peace and feel motivated to return to the office.