Doo Group Ascertains To Provide The Best Trading Experience Despite Uncertain Times

Several countries have adopted anti-epidemic measures in this new normal situation. While this is a nod in the right direction, it also proves to be a test for the operations of many financial companies. 

Nonetheless, as vaccination and booster efforts have been ongoing around the world, we believe that the current dilemma will be short-lived.

In the meantime, each and every Doo Group employee will continue to make sure that only the best is provided to our clients. It is our goal to steadfastly deliver the highest quality trading experience.

Maintaining Global And Government Measures On COVID-19 For The Safety Of All
We note that the customer services and processing time of many financial companies have been extended to several days or even a week. And this has caused a lot of inconvenience to clients. At Doo Group, we make sure to meet global and government anti-epidemic measures and keep employees safe through several practices.

Namely possible via global collaboration, working from home, and rotating teams to the office – all done to minimize the negative impacts of the outbreak and maintaining a consistently high level of service quality.

At current, Doo Group employs more than 500 people from more than 10 cities with different financial backgrounds. Our global presence spreads through Dallas, London, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, Taipei, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Mauritius, Seychelles, and Vanuatu.

We have also set up a number of customer service channels, with English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Malay, Korean, Arabic, and other languages available. Our dedicated employees are on call 24/7, constantly ready to be of service to our clients around the world.

This well-established and effective response mechanism ensure that Doo Group’s customer trading services are not affected. We are also proud to ascertain that:

  • Our user centers and back-office systems are updated every two weeks with the efforts of professional and technical personnel. 
  • For manual service projects, the basic review of new customer account opening can be completed within 30 minutes.
  • Deposit and withdrawal applications can also be processed within T+1 working days to ensure that service efficiency is not greatly affected by the epidemic and improve customers’ experience.

Doo Group Continues To Provide The Highest Quality Trading Experience Through Global Collaboration With Frequent Online Meetings.
The affected employees are working from home, and conduct regular online meetings to ensure stellar services of brokers as usual.

Since our establishment in 2014, the success of Doo Group’s international business expansion depends on the support of our customers. And we thank you for that.

We will continue to work with you to tide over any difficulties and overcome the epidemic. The pursuance of excellence and improvement is made possible together.