Bringing DOOers Together Through Bowling 

A solid foundation of an organization always starts with a great team.

What better way to have fun while also growing your team on top of day-to-day work than by getting everyone together for a friendly and engaging bowling event.

With wellbeing in mind, Doo Group had recently organized a friendly bowling match held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the employees.

The highly anticipated event has connected more than 50 DOOers comprising eight (8) teams across different departments – all coming together to find the best bowlers in the company

Decked in fresh company polos, the occasion eruption of cheers and shout outs as Doo bowlers filled the atmosphere throughout the whole event.

Tension was high as teams tried their best to get their hands on the championship trophy, and yet, a collaborative and encouraging spirit balanced the event’s mood.

While showing their best at the match, DOOers had a lot of fun as well.

The 2-hour friendly match ended with prize giving of trophies to the winners – champion, first runner-up and second runner-up. The best bowling scorers also received their trophies.

After the prize-giving, DOOers contently wrapped up the event with a group photo session.

Here at Doo Group, we always believe in constantly engaging and fostering an inclusive environment for all. 

Taking care of the employees’ health and well-being is not solely the responsibility of the individual but also the company as well. As a company that believes in the wellbeing of all, we will continue to play a role to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. DOOers will expect more fun and exciting sports and active lifestyle events to come.

Once again, we would like to congratulate the winners and those who participated! What a game!