A Bag Full Of Knowledge At Doo Group

Although the unprecedented times hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Doo Group still emphasize internship whether at the office or at home.

Doo Group believes that every college and university students should be given the opportunity to explore and develop their talents as well as skills through internships as this is to prepare them for the next career path.

Doo Group wants what is best for every intern, interning without limitations and take every challenge with head held high.

Lam Vee Kee, a former intern at the Human Resources Department shared her experiences interning at Doo. Her testimonials showed that Doo is always ready to guide the interns every step of the way despite unprecedented times.

Doo Encourage Internships At Home During Covid-19 Situation
Today officially marks the end of my internship as a Human Resource Intern at Doo Group. Despite being here for only a brief 4-month period, it has been a memorable yet fruitful one.

Although the pandemic has taken away my experience working in an office setting, I am grateful to Doo Group for making my work-from-home internship do-able and productive. My time here has shaped me in ways I’ve never expected.

Supportive Team Leaders And Team-Mates At Doo
The team was supportive and guided me through every step, from learning the fundamentals of the end-to-end recruitment, interviewing, and phone screening process, to my personal growth and development.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to my supervisors Jasper Tan, Winson Lee, Sim Angela, and my amazing manager, Hellen Soek Tan, Assoc CIPD, for taking care of me since day 1.

Thank you all for your endless support and encouragement throughout my learning process here. Your experiences and coaching have broadened my perspective toward the HR industry by providing me with many hands-on experiences and regional exposure, such as conducting interviews, phone screens, regional projects, summarizing and designing tasks, participating in team-building events, and even Excel exposure.

Departed From Doo With A Bag Full Of Knowledge

I believe most interns out there wouldn’t have the chance to be exposed to this much. For this, I am filled with gratitude for being given such an opportunity here and being guided by such great leaders. In addition, I want to thank everyone else that I have worked alongside on the projects and events.

You all were supportive and welcomed me with open arms while allowing me to contribute to the team. Working with everyone here has been a pleasure.

I joined Doo Group with no prior experience in HR. However, I am now departing with a bag of knowledge and fully utilizing and expanding my skillsets. The skills that I have gained from this internship are invaluable and have well prepared me for the challenges I will face in the future in the HR industry.

Once again, thank you Doo for this amazing experience, and I am looking forward to and prepared for whatever the future holds for me.

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