QA Engineer

  • China (Remote)

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Job Responsibilities:

  • Create, maintain, and execute test plans and test cases, working closely with R&D teams from different regions to deliver functionality in a timely manner.
  • Evaluate and test the workload with appropriate testing methods.
  • Analyze and exchange test results, monitor project modules continuously, track errors/defects, and be responsible for project quality.
  • Set up, configure and maintain test automation environments and continuously improve test infrastructure.
  • Track the latest trends in automated testing methods to improve the performance and scalability testing of the development team.

Job Requirements:

  • Min. 3 years of experience in Internet product testing and Web/mobile applications testing.
  • Min. 2 years of experience in automation framework testing and script development.
  • Familiar with automation frameworks testing such as Testcafe, TestNG, Kite, Jest, Mocha, PyTest, etc.
  • Familiar with at least 1-2 programming languages (C, Golang, Java, Python). Good command in commonly used performance stress testing tools and experience in script development.
  • Familiar with the network principle, understand well about the protocols of Seven Layer structure of network. Able to analyze different scenarios of internet and LAN network operation, and make an appropriate optimization.


  1. 创建、维护和执行测试计划和测试用例,与各地研发团队密切合作,及时交付功能;
  2. 评估测试工作量,并采取适当的方法进行测试;
  3. 分析和交流测试结果,对项目模块持续监控,对错误/缺陷跟踪,对项目质量负责;
  4. 设置、配置和维护测试自动化环境,持续改进测试基础设施;
  5. 跟踪自动化测试方法的最新趋势,以提高开发团队的性能和可扩展性测试。


  1. 3年以上互联网产品测试经验,具备测试Web/移动应用程序的经验;
  2. 2年以上测试自动化框架和脚本开发经验;
  3. 熟悉测试自动化框架:Testcafe、TestNG、Kite、Jest、Mocha、PyTest 等;
  4. 熟悉 C\Golang\Java\Python 中的 1-2 种编程语言、掌握常用的性能压测工具,有脚本开发经验;
  5. 熟悉网络原理,掌握三七层网络的常见协议,对因特网、局域网的不同场景,能借助合适手段分析网络运行情况,作出适当优化;

Interested in joining our team and explore your talents in different parts of the world? Worry not, a work visa will be provided by Doo Group too, if applicable.

Please send in your resume, and personal as well as professional certificates, along with your job application to our HR mailbox: [email protected]

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