Exciting internship experience at Doo that one will never forget

Many college and university students have been waiting for this moment to come during their course, the internship program.

Internship creates a new chapter in every student’s dream career. It is part and parcel of every career; you will learn new things along the journey. It gives you insights into a company or organization and you will have the opportunity to explore your talents beyond your imagination!

Here at Doo Group, we empower great talents to grow and be at their best. We take pride in welcoming interns.

Meet our former intern, Hui Min Gan, who underwent her internship for three months at Doo. She reflects on how the Doo Group’s culture of community has supported her learning and overall experience as an intern. Here is her story on the exciting internship journey with us:

Doo lets you to showcase your talents through hands-on activities
My internship journey with Doo Group came to an end in the blink of an eye. It was short, but I learned a lot during these three months. I never imagined I’d have the opportunity to perform hands-on recruitment activities such as filtering CVs, conducting phone screenings, and conducting interviews!

I can’t believe I have the opportunity to expose myself to regional hiring too! The HR department’s colleagues are courteous and helpful.

Doo is a company culture!
What distinguishes a good company apart from the benefits it provides to its employees? It’s the company culture! At Doo Group, we practice open communication and a flat organizational structure. For instance, I remember sitting in one of our HR manager’s (Mrs Hellen Seok Tan) interviews and being intrigued about why she asked those particular questions, so I asked her about it. Surprisingly, she answered all of my queries in detail and said to text her if I had more! I was inspired by her willingness to share her HR knowledge with me!

Personal and professional growth at Doo
In addition, owing to working from home at Doo Group, we conducted a virtual lunch meeting within the HR department. It was quite enjoyable because it allowed everyone to stay connected and chit-chat about things other than work-related matters.

Apart from getting HR experience at Doo, I’ve gained a lot of personal growth there as well, such as learning how to be more professional in corporate situations. My superiors guided and advised me patiently on my human resource skills. I am thankful to Mr Jasper Tan and Mr Winson Lee for guiding me through the recruitment process. Furthermore, I want to express my gratitude to Ms Sim Angela for volunteering her time to teach Excel to interns!

I wish everyone at Doo Group well in their careers. I am proud of myself for making the right decision to join this company for my internship.

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