Java Software Engineer

  • Kuala Lumpur | Singapore

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Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop microservices by using Spring system to support the rapid growth of Company business.
  • Responsible for the module design and development of JavaEE middleware and WEB products
  • Develop middleware data communication development, participate in the design and development of server-side modules, and optimize network models.


  • Familiar with J2EE development and proficient in using common frameworks such as Spring, Spring boot, SpringMVC, MyBatis, Struts2.
  • Familiar with network programming, in-depth knowledge of TCP/IP protocol as well as familiar with common network protocols and communication principles.
  • Familiar with message queue middleware, such as RabbitMQ, Kafka, etc.
  • Familiar with SQL, Oracle, MySQL database application development and experienced in database performance optimization
  • Familiar with Elastic Search/Lucene open-source system. Candidate with practical development experience is preferred.
  • Has a high sense of responsibility, proactive, strong learning ability, and have a good habit of documentations of SOP.

Added Advantage

  • Experienced in architecture design and development of microservices (Spring Cloud) and high-concurrency systems is preferred;
  • Practical multithreading and high concurrency related development experience is preferred;
  • Experienced in SaaS products, big data project development experience is preferred;
  • Proficient in multi-language development experience such as Python and NodeJS is an added advantage.

Position Highlight

  • This position will be participating in the design, development, and optimization of huge data financial business systems.
  • You will need to design a highly scalable system and to achieve the complexity and diversity of business requirements by using the advanced technology system.
  • Exploring the perfect middleware of a large financial technology company and improve the technical vision.

Interested in joining our team and explore your talents in different parts of the world? Worry not, a work visa will be provided by Doo Group too, if applicable.

Please send in your resume, and personal as well as professional certificates, along with your job application to our HR mailbox: [email protected]

We will contact you soon if the requirements are met.