Network Engineer

  • Kuala Lumpur

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  • Responsible for the planning, design and deployment of SDN related Cloud Computing Platform, and optimization of SDN architecture.
  • Responsible for the operation, maintenance and optimization of SDN Cloud Computing Platform, ensure the performance, capacity, stability of network to support the business.
  • Responsible for system design of SDN Cloud Computing Platform, including monitoring, automation and other modules.


  • Degree above in Computer Science/Information Technology, Engineering
  • Familiar with basic network knowledge, familiar with TCP/IP protocol;
  • Familiar with cloud computing related technologies and container network technology
  • Familiar with SDN network technology and NFV network virtualization technology
  • Familiar with VMware NSX/Microsoft SDDC/Tencent Cloud/Alibaba Cloud/Huawei Cloud and other private cloud or Openstack Neutron and other open source SDN solutions;
  • Familiar with mainstream public cloud-related network products such as AWS/Azure/Tencent Cloud/Alibaba Cloud/Huawei Cloud
  • Familiar with WAN, including but not limited to common protocols or technologies, such as: OSPF, GRE, BGP, DNS;
  • Familiar with LAN, including but not limited to common core switching, such as vlan, vxlan, vrrp, ARP, DHCP

Added Advantages:

  • Experience in cross-regional remote project will be an added advantage
  • Technical work experience in relevant industries such as Securities, Futures, or Blockchain industry will be highly preferred;
  • Experienced in trouble shooting is preferred

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