Database Administrator

  • Kuala Lumpur

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Job Highlights:

  • Design, develop and optimize various financial business systems.
  • Design highly scalable systems to achieve the complexity and diversity of business requirements through technology.
  • Experience in improving middleware of large fintech companies to enhance technological vision.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for building a database disaster recovery or dual active environment and ensure that the reliability of the database system reaches 99.9%.
  • Responsible for ensuring the availability and security of data, able to use effective preventive measures, and can build homogeneous and heterogeneous backup and recovery (in the span of 1 minute or even seconds).
  • Responsible for deploying and maintaining the database and core middleware cluster environment, troubleshooting the problem.
  • Responsible for maintaining database, core middleware SQL statement optimization, and various performance optimizations.
  • Establish database and core middleware operation and maintenance specifications, and build CD tools and processes.
  • Ensure user data security audit specifications and the standards set are to meet financial-grade compliance requirements.
  • Able to provide reasonable database design guidance and evaluation during the software design phase.
  • Responsible for facilitating the database and integrity of the core middleware operations, and the closure of monitoring and alarm response processing.
  • Establish an appropriate inspection system that can achieve short-term manual inspections, long-term automatic inspections, and develop an automated system to perceive and inspect trends.
  • Build database-level SLA/SLO/SLI, able to quantitatively measure the output of the DB team’s work and guide management work, improve the stability of the business system.
  • DB-related document writing and regular technical results sharing with all staff members.

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum 5 years of working experience in the related field
  • Practical in production environment maintenance in large and medium-sized fintech enterprises is preferred
  • Familiar with MySQL and Redis master-slave replication, read-write separation, and database sharding design, familiar with the differences and features of various branches of MySQL such as mariadb.
  • Familiar with various database selection comparison methods, benchmark stress testing, troubleshooting, performance tuning.
  • Experience in operating principles of mainstream Linux operating systems such as CentOS/Debian, Linux shell and adept in the performance of tuning analysis and fault diagnosis of databases running in this environment.
  • Familiar with mainstream storage type interfaces and RAID levels, making the function of different types of databases reasonable.
  • Have used at least one programming language such as python/golang/java/c and have experience in network programming.
  • Actively cooperate with business project-related work and not selectively choose technical work based on own interests.
  • Understand SQL, NoSql cutting-edge technologies and apply them to business systems.

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