The Featured Women Of DOO – International Women’s Day 2023

Doo Group is all in when it comes to gender equality, so we’re joining the cause and celebrating International Women’s Day with the rest of the world. Check out what some of our female employees have to say about us.

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude for this opportunity given to me to be part of this special article regarding International Woman’s Day.  

My name is Carrie Tan I am 37 years old, and I come from China. After commencing my university studies in the UK and worked for short period of time, my husband and I decided to move to his native country of Cyprus. Since my move to this beautiful island, I have amassed just over ten years of working experience in leading financial corporations. 

My main mission in joining Doo Group, is to build the team for the Cyprus office and the Overseas team. I am very excited and proud at the same time to be part of the global expanding business of Doo Group. 

Even with ten years of experience, there are constantly many things to learn within the company and the industry in general, so I am grateful for the opportunity that Doo Group has given me, enabling me to continue to develop and progress in my career. 

Like in all businesses around the world there are often challenges, difficulties and sometimes disappointments when the results are not reflective of the amount of work that has went in – but we are lucky as we have a very supportive team in Asia. 

As a full-time working mum, there are almost never-ending daily challenges and it often seems that there is not enough time to complete tasks, but I am very lucky that I have a super supportive husband. He rarely asks for anything in return but admittedly this year he has requested for a Manchester United Ticket. 

Lastly, I am very much looking forward for the year ahead as the continuous growth and expansion of Doo Group globally is an exciting prospect, but it can also have a lot of challenges, and I will try my utmost best to assist the Group to achieve its targets. 

Carrie TanJL 

Operation Executive 

It is a great honor for me to be invited by Doo Group to share my working experience in the financial industry on World Women’s Day 2023.  

First, I would like to sincerely thank Doo Group & CEO Windson Chan for his trust and strong support for me and my team all the time, so that our applications for licensed businesses in Hong Kong have been successfully approved by the relevant regulators.  

Looking back on my career journey, as a senior career woman, I adhere to the principle of honesty, professionalism, diligence, and responsibility. Itake the best interests of the company and customers as my own responsibility. I have been leading the team to achieve many successes and have also experienced several major financial market adjustments. The accumulation of years of experience has made me fully realize the spirit of not being arrogant in victory, nor feeling discouraged in defeat. 

In a bull market, follow the trend and seize opportunities; adjust your goals appropriately without losing your original intention in a bear market. The time of prosperity passes quickly, and the time of adversity is always especially long…  

When encountering such a market environment flooded with negative information, it was an unexpected opportunity for me to catch it to learn and improve my financial knowledge. Most of my professional qualifications were obtained during these periods. While adding value to myself, I am not stingy about helping my peers grow together, encouraging them to learn and improve their business-related knowledge; physically exercise more; and always pass on positive energy.  

Because when the market picks up, we will be very busy striving for performance, resulting in insufficient time for further study. However, if we take advantage of the market downturn to enhance our professional knowledge, at the right time, a tailor-made opportunity comes for those who are well-prepared. As modern women who want to work in the male-dominated traditional financial industry, we have to put more effort to occupy senior positions. Women don’t have to be as capable as men, they are already capable themselves. At the same time, we should also offer help to others, because the financial industry is a small world –, if you help others today, you may need help tomorrow. Here are some of my understandings and feelings I would like to share with my dear sisters:  

Over the years of my working experience, I adhere to the 4Ps as my working pattern:  

1) Planning 2) Practice 3) Problem 4) Performance  

I sincerely hope that every DOOer can grow together in the family of the Doo Group. Especially on International Women’s Day, I wish for all sisters to embrace the chance and fate of working together in DOO. Be elegant and kind; set your own goals; and achieve forward bravely! 

Jun Li 

Responsible Officer, Doo Wealth 

Time flies, and today marks the 2 years and 10 months of my working life with DOO, which is also my first official job.  

I started off my career as a Management Trainee in DOO, and it has enabled me to understand the company better, provided me the opportunity to explore my interests in my working career, and eventually landed me to where I am today – the team lead of Reporting & Data Management department. I’m thankful for the culture here that believes in gender equalities, and that the company has entrusted me with such important responsibilities.  

It has not been an easy journey. The exponential growth in DOO’s transaction volume has created a huge challenge to the team, but it has also pushed us further in catching up to the era of Big Data and automations. Hopefully, in the coming years, we could help steer the organization to become truly data driven. I am passionate about analytics and believe in its power to transform businesses. 

Looking back at my adulting journey, the IT advancement has provided me with a platform to explore my potentials and interests, and eventually landed me a job during the time of a pandemic. I’m grateful that the environment that I have grown up in has been encouraging. This is a privilege, when there are still many women and girls in some parts of the world that were denied from accessing the internet and are being restricted from exploring their own potentials and unleash them.  

In line with the IWD 2023 theme of “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”, I hope that we could achieve further growth in innovation and technological change, as well as education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls. 

Valerie Chen 

Reporting and Data Management Team Lead