Embark On A New Adventure With Doo Group

As a company driven by the pursuit of exceptional talents, Doo Group has been actively recruiting around the world over the years. To date, we have cultivated a robust team comprising of over 750 industry experts and talents working in more than 10 offices across the world, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Taiwan, Ho Chi Minh City and more.   

And now, Doo Group is thrilled to announce the release of our global recruitment video, featuring our Head of Business Development, Fraser Nelson, and filmed by our in-house Production Team in one of our modern offices, we hope to share what it means to be a DOOer. 

Harnessing The Power Of Togetherness 

At Doo Group, we understand that behind every success is a great team; and a great team lies in a strong company culture. As a company that values the power of togetherness, Doo Group fosters a culture that encourages teamwork, continuous growth and collective potential.  

To us, an employment is more than just a job. It means growing and succeeding together as we firmly believe that when we grow together, we can achieve greater heights.  

Celebrating Diversity And Inclusion 

Doo Group always takes pride in our diverse team. With offices across the globe, our team comprises talented, young and energetic individuals from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences. We cherish the richness of our diverse and inclusive workforce as it is what makes Doo Group unique.  

By embracing diversity and inclusion, we foster connections within our global offices through various celebrations and activities. From Chinese New Year to Christmas; from International Women’s Day to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, we are committed to create a workplace where everyone feels respected, valued and empowered.  

Providing Extensive Opportunities and Exposure 

As a fast-growing company, Doo Group is driven by the exciting opportunities that arise from the dynamic nature of the financial industry. We offer a vibrant environment where employees have the opportunity to expand their horizons and excel in their career. Our rapid growth means that new projects and initiatives are constantly changing, providing you with extensive opportunities to showcase your skills and talents. While offering ample opportunities for cross-functional collaboration, we ensure that the culture of open communication is well-practiced so that we can move forward as a team.   

If these are what you are looking for in your career path, visit https://career.doogroup.com/career/ for the latest jobs or send us your resume directly at [email protected]. We welcome self-motivated and hungry individuals like you to join our team to drive innovation and bring fresh ideas to the table. You can also connect with us physically as we partake in career fairs around the region – follow our social media pages @DooGroup (in Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) to keep in touch, and to learn more about Doo Group.