Doo Group Goes Purple For Women’s Day 

International Women’s Day is an annual celebration that falls on the 8th of March. It stands for gender equality and female empowerment. With that in mind, Doo Group makes it a point to celebrate the occasion every year to encourage our female employees to stand tall and be proud of themselves. 

Gender Equality Without Gender Bias 

The Group stands firm in female empowerment and is definitively against discrimination and gender bias as it promotes a healthy, fair, and inclusive working environment for all its employees. Everyone is treated fairly with equal opportunities in terms of progression and career advancement. 

Celebrating Females Within Doo Group 

To commemorate the occasion, Doo Group initiated a thematic attire colour for the day – purple, which is the colour for International Women’s Day – and organised a special Women’s Appreciation Ceremony at its Multi-purpose Hall. 

The event was helmed by Operations Director, Hellen Tan with a celebratory and heartfelt message for all female employees. Being a fellow trailblazer and female herself, her speech really resonated with all female employees. It was inspiring and motivational as it portrayed that female employees of Doo Group are not bound by gender as equal opportunities are presented, so long as they put in the work and believe in themselves.  

Her message was well-received by eager employees who displayed a deep appreciation for her speech and a round of applause ensued.  

The Women’s Day celebration commenced shortly after as every female employee was awarded with a thoughtful Gift Bag and a heartfelt message that bids Happy International Women’s Day! 

The Q4 Best Employee Award for 2022 commenced after the celebrations, awarding both male and female candidates with an appreciation plaque. Lastly, a monthly birthday celebration was in-store for the employees who were born in the month of March. 

A Display Of Appreciation For All Employees

The celebrations concluded with a weekly Tea Break where all our DOO-ers enjoyed complimentary Bombolis in a choice of Pistachio, Italian Earl Grey and Chocolate. 

Career Advancements Without Gender Discrimination 

Some of our female employees have also emotionally expressed their appreciation for their employment within the Group. 

“I am grateful for the opportunity that Doo Group has given me, it enables me to continuously develop and progress in my career” – Carrie Tan 

“I would like to sincerely thank Doo Group and CEO Windson Chan for his trust and strong support for me and my team all the time” – Jun Li 

“I’m thankful for the culture of the company that believes in gender equality and that they have entrusted me with such important responsibilities” – Valerie Chen 

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